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At Goddess, we understand larger cup sizes and how important getting the right fit and support can make you look and feel. Ensure you’re making the most out of your bra by following our step by step guide to finding your perfect fit.

Fitting Your Bra

1. Lean forward and allow your breasts to fall into your bra so they sit in place naturally and comfortably. We call this the ‘swoop’.

2. Fasten the bra on the loosest hook and stand up.

3. ‘Scoop’ each breast gently into place in the bra, ensuring they are comfortably positioned and not caught in the underwire or spillling out of the sides.

4. Use your finger to smooth across the top cup edge to ensure there is no overspill.

Goddess-Advice-GoodFitBadFit-TwoBoxTextRight-Front-crop.jpg Goddess-ROW-Advice-YourPerfectFit-TwoBoxTextRightComponent-Front

Good Fit

Cups give an even rounded shape with no bulge or squashing.
Underband sits level around your ribcage, extending fully beyond your breast tissue.

Bad Fit

Breasts are spilling out of the cups. The cup size is too small, try a larger cup size.
Your bra rides up at the back. Your underband is too big, try a smaller band size.

Goddess-Advice-GoodFitBadFit-TwoBoxTextRight-Back-crop.jpg Goddess-ROW-Advice-YourPerfectFit-TwoBoxTextRightComponent-Back

Good Fit

Straps are comfortable and stay in place, not too tight and not too loose or falling off your shoulder.

Bad Fit

Straps are uncomfortable and dig in. This means you are over-tightening them to achieve uplift. In this case your underband is too big and not giving you enough support around the frame of your body. Try a smaller band size.

Goddess-ROW-Advice-YourPerfectFit-AW23-BoxTextRightComponent.jpg Goddess-ROW-Advice-YourPerfectFit-BoxTextRightComponent-July23

Rumour has it 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, don’t fall into the same trap! Back sizes are often too big and cup sizes are too small, it’s important you wear the correct size to avoid back pain and show off your true shape. A perfect fitting bra can transform your silhouette and completely change the way you carry yourself, making you feel truly amazing!

If you’re still struggling after following our guide then find your nearest stockist for a Goddess Bra fitting by a fitting specialist.


Goddess Bra Styles Goddess-ROW-Advice-YourPerfectFit-TwoThirdsComponent-Keira

Goddess Bra Styles

Now you know your Goddess bra size discover your perfect style.

Size Guide Goddess-ROW-Advice-YourPerfectFit-TwoThirdsComponent-SizeGuide

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